Vibrel Humic 18


Humic 18 is a black liquid product that provides humic acid, fulvic acid and potassium, which improves soil conditions, thus helps plants take up nutrition from soil and reduces usage of mineral fertilizers.



Humic acid (dry basis)

12% min.

Fulvic acid (dry basis)

4% min.


3.5% min.




99% min.


  1. Improve soil structure, chelate with macro and micro elements to help plants absorption

  2. Increase microbial activity and promotes seed germination

  3. Favor the plant metabolism and the development of the roots

  4. Modulate stress response of plant

  5. Increase yield and improve fruits quality



It is compatible with non-acid fertilizers and pesticides. And don’t mix with Calcium or Magnesium.


Used on all crops, include cereals, vegetables, spices, fiber crops, root and tuber crops, fruit, plantation crops, flowers,  orchards and ornamentals etc.

Foliar application: Dilute 1:300-500 times. Spray 3-5 times at intervals of 20days during the growing season.

Drip irrigation: 10-25L/ha


Storage and validity:

When stored in the original, unopened containers under room temperature and protected from sunlight, this product has a shelf life of two years.


Packaging: 1L, 20L, 200L.  Up to customer’s requirement.