Exquisite services
Customized Solutions

Milagro has got registration of more than 10 active ingredients and 50 pesticide formulations by far. Great attention has been paid in investment of registration data and reports.  Up to now, Company has already owned 48 products' registration reports about their 5 batch analysis, toxicity, ecotoxicity etc. To seek better development,our conpany would increase our investment in registration.

Quality Control
Q/C System

We offer a fully integrated quality control management approved by ISO9001 from selection of raw material and process to manufacture, delivering solutions or services to customers.

Our Quality Assurance Department standardizes and consummates specification for every product . Equipped with advanced testing equipment HPLC, HPGC, UV, FID etc, it monitor the entire manufacturing process from evaluating raw materials and supervision of the final release formulation.  As well, our scientific retention sample system helps us scrutinize product sales and monitor any customer feedback.