Summit Fert to launch 2 novel fertilizer products in China

Recently Summit Fert (China) announced release of 2 fertilizer products in China: the antifreeze fertilizer SPEED from Japan and the water-soluble fertilizer STRO from Spain. The 2 products are scheduled for release to Chinese market in 2017.

The antifreeze fertilizer SPEED is a kind of macro element water-soluble fertilizer for application under low-temperature condition, which is manufactured by Japanese SUNAGRO using its unique dry manufacturing process. i.e., the phosphoric acid solution after dissolution of SOP is atomized and directly reacted with ammonia, resulting in rice-shaped DAP and MKP granules. The granule is of hollow (porous) structure, which has the features of large surface area, solubility in water, excellent penetration and diffusion, strong soil absorption capacity, as well as being free of soil acidification. Additionally, there is another difference from similar product - a special feature which can give play to good efficacy under low-temperature condition.

The other fully water-soluble fertilizer STRO is manufactured by Summit Agro’s Spanish partner Antonio Tarazona, the product encompasses various nutrient ratio formulas, of which the 15-5-30-2 is a comprehensive nutrient without Cl, being added with secondary and micro element on top of macro element. The product is characterized by its high nutrient content, solubility in water, easy absorption, fast efficacy and high utilization rate, being applicable to applications involving flushes, spray and drip irrigation.

It is said that Summit Agro’s London subsidiary SAE (Summit Agro Europe Ltd) owns a number of crop protection and special fertilizer companies in Europe. The 50-year old Antonio Tarazona is located at Valencia Spain, being one of the important partners to Summit Agro and Yara. In China, Summit Fert is the sole partner of the Spanish Antonio Tarazona.