Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to review uses of carbendazim
The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture will conduct a review of the safe uses of carbendazim, to ensure the quality and safety of farm products, and will speed up the process of finding a substitution for carbendazim.
Further, the Ministry expressed its intention to determine the uses of carbendazim, as well as the limits on its residue, as required worldwide. Following this survey, officials will introduce amendments to the residue limit requirements, review the uses and management of risks, as well as reassess the use of carbendazim, which may result in suggestions on prohibitions or restricted uses of carbendazim. 
Further, the Ministry is prepared, together with other authorities, to inform WTO members of the pesticide residue limits to be required, and will offer timely notice to Chinese exporters regarding the latest pesticide residue limits which are required by import countries. This is meant to reduce trade losses occurring due to a lack of knowledge about latest regulations.
In the meantime, the Ministry will coordinate the work of research institutes and pesticide manufacturers to form a pesticide innovation alliance to seek out substitutions for carbendazim, and to overcome the technical barriers to the use of carbendazim as soon as possible, which is expected to be a comprehensive solution to carbendazim’s residual problems.